Tuesday, August 26, 2008


On our way home from Willow Creek Community Church on Sunday, we drove by Legoland Discovery Center in Schamburg, IL. We knew that it wasn't supposed to open for another week, but thought we would at least just stop by and look in the windows. After all, when would we be up in Chicago again? When we pulled up we noticed people outside the building and started getting excited. We thought maybe they were having a soft opening, and would get to go inside. Our boys, especially Collin, are lego fanatics, so we told them we would go in for just a second and look around. We walked up to the door and opened it. When we stepped inside, we were immediately told that it didn't open until 12. It was only 11, and we had to be back to my aunt's at 12! We were so disappointed, but the boys took it well. I told the lady, we were sorry that we came in, we didn't notice the sign (why was the door unlocked, anyway??) and that we were visiting from TN and going back that day. She said she was sorry and we could look through the windows. So we looked around for a few minutes, and then she suddenly came back out and ushered us inside! We were shocked! (There were alot of other people standing around) She took us around and showed us a few of the displays that were complete and gave the boys a map and some legos to take home. That made our day! We had a blast and would highly recommend the Lego Discovery center to anyone who goes up to the Chicago area. I hope we can make it back up there!

Legoland- Schamburg, IL
The display at the entrance

Our wonderful tour guide
Watch out for the hippo, Eric!
I think Collin knows who he wants to work for when he grows up-Lego! He has been inspired and they have both been building ever since. And I will be stepping on and picking up Legos forever!

Chicago-Take 2

Here are more pictures from Chicago! Finally!!!

Playing around at my aunt and uncle's house

look at the monkeys!

Willow Creek Community Church

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I don't have much time to blog right now- I need to get Jeff packed for a business trip, but here are a few pictures from our trip to Chicago last week. We had a great time! More to come.....

Riding the train to downtown Chicago
Hanging out with our second cousins
A view of Millenium park from the Sears tower

Happy Birthday Aunt Amy

Happy birthday Aunt Amy! We enjoyed getting to visit with you a few weeks ago. Hope to see you again soon. Give Lainey a big kiss and hug from all of us!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Collin

It is hard to believe that you are 8 years old. It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital getting ready to have you. We were so nervous, we weren't sure if we would know what to do with a little baby, but we figured it out! You and your brother are our joy. I am so proud of you Collin, and enjoy watching you grow. You are such a smart boy. I am amazed at how quickly you learn about new things and how well you remember them. It is exciting to watch your love of space and science grow each day. I love that you are an avid reader like me- we are dangerous in a book store together, aren't we? I love your sensitive heart. You are so tenderhearted, and that is a wonderful characteristic to have, don't lose it. I love your hugs and snuggles. Don't ever get too big to hug mommy!! I love you Collin! Happy Birthday!

Happy 15th Anniversary Jeff!

Happy Anniversary honey! I love you!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. Snaggletooth

Eric lost his first tooth! I can't believe my baby lost his first tooth. A couple of days ago, he started crying after eating an apple. He said that the apple pulled his tooth. I looked, and sure enough he had a loose tooth, we just didn't know it. He was terrified it would hurt! We tried to convince him it was worth the pain for the money (he is all about the money). He wouldn't let us look at it much, but with a lot of coaching from his big brother, he kept at the wiggling all day for the past two days. This morning it was barely hanging there, but he wouldn't let me touch it. I tried to get him to let Ashley look at it (knowing that she would pull it if she got her hands on it- that's what friends do for friends, right?). We even tried to enlist Elijah's help! Finally, this afternoon, I told him I wanted to take a picture of it, and needed to clean it off with a washcloth. I barely touched it, and it was out. He was so excited and immediately wanted to call Daddy. He can't wait for the tooth fairy tonight. I am sure we will never get him to sleep. I hope he doesn't bump into her when he is sleepwalking!